Scaling Up Nutrition

The SUN movement is built through the engagement of nations affected by undernutrition.  Successful, sustainable efforts to improve nutrition must be anchored at the national level, with national-level officials owning and leading tailored efforts to address malnutrition.

Therefore, SUN is not a new institution, initiative or financial mechanism.  Instead, SUN is a country-led movement that brings organizations together across sectors to support national plans to scale up nutrition by helping to ensure that financial and technical resources are accessible, coordinated, predictable and ready to go to scale. The SUN movement focuses on promoting the implementation of evidenced-based nutrition interventions, as well as integrating nutrition goals into broader efforts in critical sectors such as, health, social protection, development and agriculture.

At the center of the movement is national level leadership that coordinates both national and international efforts, with the SUN movement committed to aligning financial and technical support with these country plans. Leadership at the national level ensures that priorities and programs are designed and implemented in a way that meets the needs of various regions and populations within the country and enables the scale up of sustainable efforts.

The 1,000 Days partnership supports the SUN movement by:

  • focusing attention on the 1,000 day window of opportunity for impact;
  • engaging government, civil society, and the private sector in efforts to improve early nutrition; and
  • promoting partnerships across these sectors to achieve a scale change in improving early nutrition.  

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